Our Program

Each year we grow new farmers to provide sustainable farm leaders for our future. Each new farmer will gain the educational background and hands-on experiences needed to be a successful farmer producing healthful organic food for the Snoqualmie Valley and beyond.

The full-time program takes place at Carnation Farms’ historic 818-acre property in Carnation, Washington, where new farmers will have the opportunity to live, rent-free, in shared on-site housing. During the program the farmers will be trained on the full-spectrum of sustainable farming from seed to market.

Following the first phase of the program (April to November), the farmers-in-training will develop a business plan for their own small-scale farm (1/2 to 1 acre). Following approval of the plan, the farmer will receive the opportunity to farm through another calendar year at Carnation Farms, with the use of land, farm equipment, and shared housing provided rent-free. During that year, they will mentor the new farmers-in-training and will receive guidance and support from Carnation Farms staff.

Farmers-in-training will work under the Director of Sustainable Agriculture and will be paid a bi-weekly stipend of $1300 (gross before taxes). Work will require availability on evenings and weekends as scheduled. In addition to classroom-style instruction and hands-on farming, apprentices will interact with Carnation Farms staff, and also with participants in Carnation Farms’ educational programming, such as farm camps, culinary classes, weekend farm days, markets and school field trips.

Carnation Farms expects that after the completion of the apprenticeship, graduates will establish their own sustainable food-producing farms.