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Our Mentorship Program

Carnation Farms is passionate about providing education, hands-on experiences, and inspiration to the next generation of farmers and leaders in agriculture. The Mentorship in Sustainable Agriculture is one of our most important mission-based programs. We are grow new farmers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to make a positive difference in the sustainable production of healthful, organic food. After spending nearly a year on our farm, our intent is that they will be agents of change in improving the food system in local communities.

The full-time program takes place on Carnation Farms’ historic 818-acre property in Carnation, Washington, located in rural Snoqualmie Valley, roughly a half-hour east of Seattle. Participants do not pay for their education and training. Instead, the Mentorship provides a stipend ($1,000 every two weeks) and on-farm housing. As a non-profit, Carnation Farms generates revenue to fund the Mentorship program primarily through the sales of our farm products, donations, and fees for events that take place on our farm, such as wood fired Pizza dinners. Fieldwork by the farmers-in-training is crucial to the funding of the Mentorship and our other mission-based programs.

For more about Mentorship’s educational programming which includes fieldwork, classroom education, and rotations, see Curriculum & Schedule.

The Mentorship spans an 8½ month growing season, giving the farmers-in-training a full spectrum of training from soil and seed to harvest and table. Those who complete the program have the option to present their own business plan to Carnation Farms staff and, if accepted and negotiated, utilize the farm’s land, mentors, and production resources the following year.

Carnation Farms expects that after completing the Mentorship in Sustainable Agriculture, graduates will establish their own successful, sustainable food-producing farms or work in an aspect of the food system as a change agent in Western Washington and beyond.

Thank you for your interest in Carnation Farms’ Mentorship in Sustainable Agriculture! For more information about the program and an application form, go to Apply to Growing Farmers.