Fat Sheep Fiber

Thank you for your interest in our fiber! All Fat Sheep Fiber yarn was grown on Carnation Farms by our small flock of Romney, Bluefaced Leicester, and Finn sheep. We hand-dyed each skein with natural plant, lichen, and insect dyes in very small batches (usually 4-8 skeins at a time). Small batches and natural dyes allow each skein to be unique; please expect some natural variegation.

Good to know:

  • Small scale = variation! There will be some amount of variation both in color and weight of yarn. We highly recommend doing a gauge swatch before starting your project to make sure you have the right needles/amount of stitches. 
  • Don’t be surprised if you find a little vegetation in this yarn, proof of their lives spent frolicking in the fields!
  • Natural dyes are more alive than acid dyes and will most likely transfer to skin or clothing before their first wash. We have done an initial double rinse on each skien but be prepared for some minimal color transfer.
  • Natural dyes can fade with time. To preserve the color for as long as possible wash only when necessary and keep out of direct sunlight when not actively enjoying.

Washing and Care:

  • Wool shrinks and felts with high heat and agitation. To keep your knitted item looking its best (and fitting) Hand wash only
  • Dissolve a mild soap or detergent in lukewarm water and gently submerge knitted item (if washing skein before knitting leave ties on skein), hold under until fully soaked with water, and let soak for 15-30 min. 
  • Remove and rinse by submerging in a new soap-free container of water. Very important – water must be the same temperature or warmer than the original washbasin. Moving wool from hot water to cold water can felt and/or shrink it.
  • Remove from rinse water and gently squeeze excess water from the item. Do not twist or agitate the item too much. Wrap in an old towel and press down hard to extract more water.
  • Lay flat to dry