How long is the program?

ROOTED – Seed Crew is our entry-level summer youth program. The first day of the program is Monday, July 9th, 2018, and the last day is Friday, August 24th. This is a 7 week long program. If you successfully complete Seed Crew, you are invited to apply for Dirt Crew in the Fall, which is an academic year program that runs through the Fall and Spring.


What days and times to I have to be there?

Working for ROOTED’s Seed Crew is a full time job, 5 days per week. We will work Monday through Friday, from 9am – 4:30 pm.


Do I get paid?

Yes! This is a paid summer job. You will receive a check bi-weekly, and will be paid $11.50 per hour. Participants are expected to work around 35 hours per week over the 7 weeks of the program.


Do I have to bring my own lunch?

Yes! Please bring your lunch, and a water bottle. We will have room to store lunches in a refrigerator, and we will have several water/snack breaks during the day.


What kind of work will I do?

As a member of Seed Crew, you will participate in:

  • Field Work – such as planting, weeding and harvesting produce
  • Care of Farm Animal Flocks – including as chickens, turkeys, and pigs
  • Cooking – you will learn skills and apply them in preparing meals on-site as well as at shelters and transitional housing sites where you will learn about food access issues
  • Farmers Markets – you will assist with our booth, and practice your outreach skills by talking to customers!


What if my family is going on vacation?

If you are unable to commit to attending the full 7 weeks of Seed Crew for any reason (including family vacations, sports leagues, etc.), we encourage you to apply for the next session of Seed Crew (Summer 2019) – so you can plan ahead and make sure you’re able to fully commit. Our farm depends on our ROOTED workers just like the rest of our staff, and must be able to count on you to attend your shift every day.


Can I be fired?

Yes. Like any other job, you will be expected to follow job standards and behavior agreements. If those guidelines are broken, you can be fired. We will make sure that all expectations are very clear, and that we answer any questions you might have so everyone is on the same page. We want you to be safe, happy and healthy employees!


How can I get there?

Our Farm is located at 28901 NE Carnation Farm Rd., in Carnation, WA. Unfortunately, there is no direct access by Public Transit, but we encourage you to travel in an environmentally friendly way, whenever possible! Carpooling with fellow ROOTED workers, biking, walking, or sharing fares on a rideshare service are all possibilities! You may be dropped off at the farm by friends/family; or drive your own vehicle.
We also have the capacity to pick up a limited number of participants at local transit hubs, including the Redmond Transit Center. Contact us if you have questions about transportation – we can help!


Can I show my family and friends where I work?

Of course! If you want to bring a visitor to the farm to show them all of your hard work, you can speak with your Supervisor and make a plan together to bring your visitor outside of your work hours. There are also many opportunities for folks to visit the farm during open events like our Farm Days. Check our online calendar for details!


Are there interviews?

Yes, there are! Before your interview, you will receive a list of questions to think about and prepare for. The interview process will involve some group activity as well as one-to-one conversation with a Carnation Farms staff member.


What is a workday like?

Every day is a little different. Seed Crew youth participate in farming (weeding, harvesting, planting, animal care), learn and apply cooking skills, prepare and serve meals at hunger relief organizations, and learn about sustainable farming, social responsibility and workplace skills in a series of interactive workshops. Each day is a mix of field work, games, workshops, and community-building activities.


Who are our adult leaders?

As a worker with ROOTED, you will learn farm skills from and work directly with professional farmers on our Sustainable Agriculture team; you will learn cooking, nutrition and wellness from professional chefs and nutritionists; and will be supervised by a team of trained education and youth development specialists who will also lead many of your social issues workshops. You will get to meet farm apprentices and many other staff, as you get to know our farm and the many different roles that work together on farms like ours.


Who is eligible to participate?

Youth aged 14-17 are eligible to apply. Applicants must be 14 by January 1 of the year of application and have completed 8th grade. In addition, applicants must not turn 18 before August 15 of that summer. We hire youth from local communities surrounding Carnation Farms in the Snoqualmie Valley, as well as the Greater Seattle area.


What should I wear to work?

Be ready to get dirty! We work in all kinds of weather, including rain. You will be provided with ROOTED t-shirts, and must wear long pants and closed-toe shoes for safety.

Questions? Contact us at