Rooted at Carnation Farms

Rooted at Carnation Farms is a 7-week summer employment and education program for teens.

The full-time program will leave teens with a deep, personal understanding of the food system from seed to plate. We empower young people to become agents of change who use their unique voices, talents, and skills to challenge and reshape the food system. As an agriculture-based youth development program, we pay teens to work on our farm, inspire them to create change in their communities, and educate them with leadership, communication, economic, farm, and food skills.

We hire youth ages 14 to 17 from local communities surrounding Carnation Farms in the Snoqualmie Valley, as well as the Greater Seattle area. We bring together young people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to form teams connected to each other and to the land. By building strong character in youth in our locale, we help build strong communities that value and support local farmers and farm products.

For youth who successfully complete the first summer program – Seed Crew – there is an option to apply for further seasons of Rooted crews, and keep working with us year-round. Youth can continue developing their skills, working for pay, and giving back to their communities with increasing leadership over the second summer season with Dirt Crew. Employment opportunities at Carnation Farms are available during the academic year.