I want it all! Complete Farm CSA Share (Deposit)


Certified Organic Vegetable Share

Members can expect to receive 6-8 varieties of produce per week, averaging 10 pounds; variety and quantity increase with the season. We grow 100 varieties of vegetables and herbs. While no two weeks are the same, an example share in peak season looks like this: 1 bunch of carrots, 2-3 cucumbers, 1 garlic head, 1-2 heads lettuce, 1 onion, 1 lb of green beans, 2 pounds of tomatoes, 2 pounds summer squash, 1 bunch basil.

Certified Organic Egg Share

Pick up 16 dozen eggs over the course of 18 weeks when you need them. Our poultry is raised with the highest standards in animal care. Not only are we certified organic (which always means non-GMO), our hens live their best life on the farm in mobile coops that we move around our pastures. Different breeds of chickens lay different color eggs. Eggs are seasonal and yolks change with the seasons as the pasture changes through the year. We will have a punch card to keep it all straight. Egg shares can only be picked up at the CSA, not at the farmstand. Shares are $120 ($7.50/dozen).

Certified Organic Chicken Share

Pick up 12 chickens (3.5-4 lbs) over the course of our 18 week CSA when you need them. Our broiler hens are raised on pasture in a mobile coop that we move daily. Happy chickens! Each bird is processed on-farm and frozen immediately. When our processing schedules align with the CSA, you’ll get fresh chicken too! Shares are $258 ($21.50/bird).

Okanogan Producers Marketing Association (OPMA) Organic Fruit

We partner with OPMA to offer certified USDA Organic, peak-of-ripeness cherries, peaches, plums, apricots, pears, and apples that can’t be reliably grown on the Western side of the Cascade Mountains. Fruit shares begin in July and go through the end of the CSA season (12 non-consecutive weeks). This is a true CSA with the OPMA growers. Each week they walk the fields and pick their fruit when it is ripe and send it to us to distribute to you! Shares are $168. You can order 1 or more with your vegetable share. http://okanoganproducers.org/farms/

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