Poultry Processing Pricing

*prices are for dressed weight. Includes bagging and labeling.

Chicken Processing:

  • 1-24 Broiler Chickens (Cornish Cross/colored broilers): $7.50/each
  • 25-50 Broiler Chickens (Cornish Cross/colored broilers): $7.00/each
  • 51-100 Broiler Chickens (Cornish Cross/colored broilers): $6.50/each
  • 100+ Broiler Chickens (Cornish Cross/colored broilers): $6.00/each
  • Broiler Chickens over 7 lb: $8/each
  • Heritage Chickens/Spent Hens: $8/each

Turkey Processing:

  • Up to 18 lb: $15/each
  • 19 lb – 21 lb: $17/each
  • 22 lb – 25 lb: $20/each
  • 26 lb – 29 lb: $24/each
  • Turkeys over 30 lb: $1/lb

Rabbit Processing:

  • $8/each
  • Hides $1/each extra

Duck & Custom Processing:

  • $13/each


  • Heart, Liver, Feet, Kidney and Neck: $2/lb


Animals are heat shrink-wrapped individually. Giblets are packaged in bulk, separately (all livers together, all hearts together, etc)


Each bag comes with a label and includes the date processed, the weight of the product, safe handling instructions, Exempted P.L. 90-492, and Processed by: Carnation Farms. If you wish to sell your product you need to supply us a label that has your farm name and address. We use Growers Discount Labels and recommend them if you plan to sell your product: http://www.growersdiscountlabels.com/

Additional Fees:

  • Late Fee: $50/hour
  • No Show Fee: $150
  • Cancellation Fee: $50 if processing is canceled less than 1 week from harvest date.