Carnation Farms – Processing Pricing

*prices are for dressed weight. Includes bagging and labeling. Payment is due at pick-up.

Disclaimer: We will do our best to process your poultry. From time to time things happen (torn skin, pin feathers are too hard to remove, etc.). Please know that we are not liable for damage to your poultry and/or rabbits that is beyond our control.  

Chicken Processing: (60 per day*)

  • 1-24 Broiler Chickens (Cornish Cross/colored broilers): $7.50/each
  • 25-50 Broiler Chickens (Cornish Cross/colored broilers): $7.00/each
  • 51-100 Broiler Chickens (Cornish Cross/colored broilers): $6.50/each
  • 100+ Broiler Chickens (Cornish Cross/colored broilers): $6.00/each
  • Broiler Chickens over 7 lb: $8/each
  • Heritage Chickens/Spent Hens: $8/each (*50 birds per day)

Turkey Processing: (25 broad breasted / 30 heritage per day)

  • Up to 18 lb: $15/each
  • 19 lb – 21 lb: $17/each
  • 22 lb – 25 lb: $20/each
  • 26 lb – 29 lb: $24/each
  • Turkeys over 30 lb: $1/lb

Rabbit Processing:

  • $8/each
  • Hides $1/each extra

Duck & Geese Processing: (25 per day)

  • $15/each
  • Pheasant and Guinea Hen: $8/each


  • Heart, Liver, Feet, Kidney and Neck: $2/lb


Animals are heat shrink-wrapped individually. Giblets are packaged in bulk, separately (all livers together, etc)


All meat comes with a generic label and includes the date processed, the weight of the product, safe handling instructions, Exempted P.L. 90-492, and Processed by: Carnation Farms. If you wish to sell your product you need to create a label that has the same information (safe handling instructions, Exempted P.L. 90-492, and Processed by: Carnation Farms, 28901 NE Carnation Farm Road, Carnation, WA, 98014), plus your farm name and address. We use Growers Discount Labels and recommend them if you plan to sell your product:

Additional Fees:

  • Late Fee: $50/hour
  • No Show Fee: $150
  • Cancellation Fee: $50 if processing is canceled less than 1 week from harvest date.
  • Dispatch and Rendering: $5/animal