Meet our Team

Nadja Vol Ochs

Interim Executive Director

Rosy Smit

Director of Agriculture Education

Mike Ewanciw

Director of Finance and Administration

Tiffany Cooper

Director of Agriculture

Curt Gauthier

Facilities Director

Mariah Mitchell

Accounting Manager

Becky Venable

Administration Manager

Lori Mercer

Managing Director of Operations

Sheryl Watts

Production Manager

Kazia Pumel

Office Coordinator

Austin Brill

Facilities Maintenance and Carpenter Assistant

Rick Giles

Facilities Maintenance Manager

Logan Pelafigue

Facilities Maintenance

Ken Kosters

General Maintenance - Wastewater

Alex Hagiepetros

Livestock Manager

Taylor Pewitt

Livestock Assistant

Mary Jo Burson

Livestock Processing Manager

Lake Phillips

Small Animal Processor

Ruth Cochran

Small Animal Processor

Mira Saarela

Farmstand Associate

Jen Johnson

Farmstand Associate

Garrett Venable

General Labor