Meet our Team

Rosy Smit

Director of Sustainable Agriculture

Caprial Pence

Director of Culinary and Hospitality

Martha Marino, MA, RDN, CD

Director of Education

Hannah Cavendish-Palmer

Director of Operations and Strategy

Curt Gauthier

Facilities Director

Mariah Mitchell

Accounting Manager

Becky Veneble

Administration Manager

Tracey Crannell

Executive Chef

Shannon Healy-Chambers

Hospitality Manager

Kaley Brammer

Youth Development and Education Manager

Fred McGee


Tiffany Chou

Program Coordinator

Sheryl Watts

Production and Distribution Coordinator

Lauren Ralph

Vegetable Farmer

Linda Cloes

Wedding and Event Coordinator

Austin Brill

Maintenance Coordinator

Rick Giles

Maintenance and Safety Coordinator

Ken Kosters

General Maintenance - Wastewater

Mike Fredrickson

Agriculture Coordinator

Michelle Whalen

Program Assistant