Order Turkeys from Carnation Farms

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At Carnation Farms we are proud to offer both Broad-Breasted Bronze and Broad-Breasted White Turkeys. We raise our turkeys outside on fresh pasture where they can scratch and eat bugs and worms to their hearts content. Turkeys are wonderful grazers and we take pride in watching the pasture flourish and grow behind them where they have left their valuable contributions to the soil. In addition to fresh pasture we run our turkeys over our harvested barley fields so they can clean up any dropped barley and wheat. We supplement this with Organic Scratch and Peck feed from right here in Washington, they are never given any hormones or antibiotics. All this combined with their ability to roam and flap gives our birds an amazing flavor you won’t find on any grocery store shelf.

Turkeys are extremely curious and interactive creatures, they are an important part of educating children and youth here on the farm not least because they are so engaging for students! Giving students of the farm the opportunity to feed the turkeys imperfect produce out of our 10 acre garden is an excellent way to engage youth on how we can reduce food waste.

Our turkeys are harvested between 16-22 weeks old and are available by reservation in our online store. They typically weigh 15-20 lbs and are $9.99/lb.

Frozen turkeys will be available for pick up between November 22 and Nov 25th at the outdoor education center at 28901 NE Carnation Farms Rd, Carnation WA 98014. (Drive over the bridge and down the Chestnut-tree-lined lane).

Reservations require a $50 deposit at the time of your reservation. All proceeds of our turkey sales will go to our Rooted Youth Development Program and our Growing New Farmers Initiative.

And if you’re craving a turkey dinner today, stop by our Carnation Farmstand! We have frozen turkeys in stock.