Marketing Manager


Carnation Farms is a working organic farm that grows future farmers, culinary professionals, and a resilient food system through stewardship and impactful programming. Inspired by our property’s history of innovation, we offer an integrated approach that focuses on the connectivity between farming, the culinary arts, and opportunities for regional economic development. Together, we champion a stronger community and agricultural network to ensure a sustainable future.

Founded in 2016 at the historical home of the Carnation Dairy Company, Carnation Farms is a nonprofit organization based in Carnation, Washington. Our 818-acre campus is comprised of historical barns and buildings and our property proudly boasts Washington’s only private game preserve as well as acres of forest and certified organic pasture. We strive to create a professional, motivated environment for all team members where collaboration is encouraged equally with individual responsibility and goal-oriented results.


Marketing Manager

Position Summary:

Carnation Farms seeks to hire a full-time Marketing Manager to join our growing organization. This position is responsible for the management of social media accounts, website maintenance, and creating supporting brand materials such as retail signage, event collateral, and promotional communications and materials. The Marketing Manager will be responsible for developing and maintaining all public media and is instrumental to building a successful and responsive public donor base.,.

The Marketing Manager will play an integral role in the future development of the organization and should possess a deep commitment to our mission and values. This position must embody the organization’s values of education, customer service, and composure through all communications. Success in this role will be measured by…

Core Compentencies

  • You bring expertise, vision, and voice to the organization while maintaining the collaborative spirit of communication and consistent messaging.
  • You have experience with marketing through social media, digital, and print mediums and building lasting partnerships for your organization.
  • You are passionate about agriculture, customer service, and education.


Organizational Management & Growth:

  • Oversight and maintenance of social media and website
  • Creation and consistency of all branded materials, signage, and public-facing needs for fundraising and events
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive communication and marketing strategy that aligns with the mission, goals, and values of the organization while increasing visibility, connections, and reach of the brand
  • Manage communication plans for grants, donor programming, and other initiatives
  • Work closely with the Leadership Team to continue to refine brand identity, internal and external communication, and materials
  • Identify weaknesses in existing marketing communications and develop pragmatic solutions within budgetary constraints
  • Manage incoming press inquiries and prepare press releases

Collaboration & Communication

  • Coordinate weekly time with Managers and Directors of the organization
  • Meet monthly with the Financial Team for budgets and program requirements, updates, and reporting material approvals
  • Prepare all copy, writing, and production for our website, media, and marketing materials
  • Assist with reporting and writing for grant proposals, board communications, and public informationals
  • Manage and direct all necessary vendors, staff, and volunteer workers as related to marketing needs
  • Develop and manage deadlines for projects, annual workplans, and collaborative efforts
  • Communicate with Leadership Team about marketing initiatives and project metrics, as well as to brainstorm fresh strategies
  • Ability to periodically work unpredictable hours, including some evenings and weekends


Experience and Education:

  • A BA/BS degree in a related field or 3+ years of relevant communications and marketing experience
  • Ability to communicate effectively with different audiences for a wide range of events
  • Experience with developing social media marketing strategies
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills including strong self-editing skills  
  • Adept at working with individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds  
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Effective and efficient at handling multiple tasks and projects and the ability to set and accomplish short and long-range goals

Software Competencies:

  • Google Suite and MS Office proficiency
  • Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite and Squarespace 
  • Experience with Point of Sale and Customer Relationship Management Software and Analytics

Compensation and Expectations:

  • Salary Range is $55,000 – $64,000 + Eligible for Benefits

    This position will be on-site full time, and requires some evening and weekend hours to attend events and an annual Board of Directors Meeting. Due to COVID-19, partial telecommuting is available until it is deemed completely safe for all staff to return to an office environment. Office staff work a staggered schedule to ensure minimum occupancy and maximum safety while managing on-site work

To Apply

To apply, please send the following to

  • Your Resume
  • A Cover Letter that identifies your communication style, and speaks to a marketing and communications strategy you have previously developed and implemented, including challenges and successes. 


Carnation Farms is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Carnation Farms does not discriminate or determine employment on the basis of race, religion, sex, gender identity, age, or any other factor; employment decisions are made only on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business needs. Carnation Farms is committed to an environment of mutual respect and maintains a zero-tolerance policy in regard to discrimination or harassment of any kind.