Market Fees, Rules and Regulations

Market Open: Saturday, December 3rd & 10th 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: CF is located at 28901 Ne Carnation Farm Road, Carnation, WA 98014. The Market will take place in our Historic Hippodrome on our upper campus.

Booth Space: One 8ft table will be provided, if you wish to bring your own table please feel free to do so and let Michelle know. (

Booth Fee: Each Vendor will be charged the following fees at the time of acceptance: $75 per day for one 8ft table space. Food Truck Vendors $200 per day.

Once accepted we will send you a link to pay online, or you can pay via check made out to Carnation Farms.

Set up: Set up for the Market can begin at 8:00 am. You can unload in front of the Hippodrome as long as you are not blocking Fire Lanes, but cars must be moved to vendor parking before market opens.

Electricity: Electricity is limited and will need to be arranged witht he market manager 24 hours prior to market day. We will not supply extension cords.

Parking: Vendor parking will be in the overflow gravel parking lot up at the Hippodrome (will have signs).

Vendor Cancellation or No-Show:

“No-shows” hurt the credibility of CF and negatively impact other vendors and customer
satisfaction. Should a vendor need to cancel or alter attendance, the vendor shall notify the
Market Manager as soon as possible, via phone or email, but no later than 48 hours prior to that
week’s Market.

Market Closure: In the event of severe weather conditions that would close the
Farmstand/Market vendors will be notified prior to market open and either be refunded
or rescheduled to another date (if possible).

Clean Up: Each vendor agrees to thoroughly clean up their booth space at the close of each
Market day. This includes hauling away all trash that is generated in or around the booth and
sweeping up any debris left on the ground. Vendors should bring supplies to clean their booths.
Vendors need to be loaded up and off the property no later than 5:00 pm.

Carnation Farms is not liable for any lost, stolen, broken, or damaged goods.

Restrooms: Located inside the building for both vendors and shoppers.

Licenses, taxes, and permits: All vendors must comply with all laws, ordinances and
regulations of the United States, Washington State, and King County. All vendors must have the
necessary licenses and permits required to produce and sell their products and shall provide the
Market Manager with current copies of all permits. Failure to disclose product information and/or
lack of licensing and permitting may result in the removal of products from the booth, or
expulsion from the Market at the Market Manager’s discretion. All vendors must supply their
own equipment for making sales, and sampling of any food products is prohibited.

Vendor Relations:

It is the Market’s policy to foster good relations between vendors and customers. The Market
Manager or representative of CF has the right to remove any vendor whose conduct is
disruptive, offensive or harmful to the integrity or sensibilities of the market customers, staff and
other vendors. Disruptive, offensive or harmful behavior may be described as, but is not limited

  • Noncompliance of rules and regulations as outlined by Carnation Farms
  • An act of assualt, harrassment or intimidation; including angry yelling or hawing
  • Use of crude or abusive language
  • Fighting
  • Discriminatory or hateful behavior
  • Acting in an unprofessional manner
  • Negatively affecting the market atmosphere or reputation in the opinion of Market Manager or Carnation Farms
  • Misrepresentation of products sold
  • No-Show attendance without notice

Pets: For sanitary and safety reasons, dogs will not be allowed at the Market.

Please reach out to our Market Manager & Farmstand Manager, Michelle Cochran if you have any questions or need to canel.