Local Food Product Launch Project

January 2019
The Carnation Farms Local Product Launch project is funded by a USDA Rural Business Development Grant. It will create 10 new value-added products in the Carnation Farms Processing Kitchen during 2019, 5 of which will be created in partnership with small, rural businesses.

The project is overseen by a committee comprised of professionals in marketing, distribution, culinary arts, and grocery merchandising. All processing will be done by Carnation Farms culinary staff in the Carnation Farms Processing Kitchen.
Participants will receive:
– Recipe development and testing
– Label and packaging design advice
– Process authority assistance
– A trial production run followed by an initial production run
– Assistance with initial sales

There is a $500 fee per product for participation.

All potential applicants are invited to attend the “Open Kitchen” event on Wednesday, March 6th from 5pm to 7pm. This is a chance to meet the Carnation Farms culinary team, tour the processing kitchen, and learn more about this project.

Applications are due by midnight on Sunday, March 10th. The project oversight committee will then invite chosen applicants to come to the farm for a presentation. All applicants will be notified about their status by the end of April. After participants are selected, product creation will begin and will take place through November of 2019.

Please note that the Carnation Farms Processing Kitchen has certain limitations, depending on the product’s pH, ingredients, and required processes. If we are unable to create your product due to infrastructure and/or permitting limitations, we will notify you as soon as possible.