Harvest Tour Registration Form

Complete the following form in addition to paying for the ticket your Harvest Tour reservation on our Calendar of events.

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  • Participation Agreement

    I agree to participate, or I permit the participation of the person(s) I am enrolling, in the Carnation Farms program described on this form using outdoor and/or indoor adventure learning activities. I acknowledge that I have been advised that I, or my enrollee, can decline to participate in all of, or any part of, the activities occurring during this program if I/they wish. I/they will only engage in the activities I consider will not put my/their physical or emotional health at risk. I hereby hold harmless and release Carnation Farms, its employees and its contractors from any and all liability with relationship to my/my enrollee’s participation in the program. This release includes the transportation to and from the site of the activities, as well as the activities themselves, and covers all the sessions of a program occurring over time. This release does not, however, apply to injuries or damages caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct by Carnation Farms, its employees, or its contractors.
  • Photo Release

  • Thank you for completing this form. Be sure to purchase the ticket to book your Harvest Tour Date on our website calendar!

    Once your form has been reviewed we may reach out with further questions. We will send out more details like what to bring each day and directions to the farm when we are closer to your Harvest Tour date.

Questions and concerns – email Rosy at rosys@carnationfarms.org or call 425.844.3162