Growing Grain Project

Carnation Farms is growing grain thanks to the support of a King Conservation District’s Regional Food System Grant Program.

This project will put 20 acres of underutilized farmland into grain production and provide a series of grain-focused classes and events in order to launch a thriving King County grain economy.  The project is connecting local farmers including Steel Wheel Farm and Jubilee Farm, distillers, breweries and food business folks around growing and consuming grain crops.

One of the most noteworthy expected outcomes of this project is the relationship that will be established with Westland Distillery, Pike Brewing, and Grand Central Bakery. These Seattle-based businesses use significant amounts of grain. In addition to yielding grain sales for Carnation Farms, this project will establish partnerships that begin building a network of local grain-users that seek out King-County-grown grains.

We also hosted a Grain Festival and Dinner to celebrate grain growing in the valley.  Grain Celebration Weekend


May 2020

Beer from contented grains thanks to our partners Valley House Brewery Co!

“From Contented Grains”

Spring Lager

Valley House Brewery, Duvall

4.8% ABV | 14 IBU

This fresh Spring Lager is as refreshing as spring rain and as bright as spring sunshine.

The grain was grown right down the road at Carnation Farms, which has dedicated 20 acres of underutilized farmland to launch a thriving King County grain economy (learn more at  We were thrilled when we learned of this initiative, and are so excited to have the first batch of Talisman Winter Barley as the base of this beer.  As with all our grain, Skagit Valley Malting, did the malting.  We had them do a custom malt for us, half into a Pilsner and half into a Munich malt.  In the current times we are in, new beginnings, such as this grain program at Carnation Farms, are cheerful reminders of how special this area is.  Back in the day it was noted that Carnation Milk came from contented cows.  Well, we believe this grain comes from the same thoughtful treatment as those cows, so we named this Spring Lager, ‘From Contented Grains’.  Enjoy!

April 2020

Flour from grains grown at Carnation Farms is now available at the Farmstand.  A very popular item during the pandemic due to more people baking at home!

January 2020

The grain was delivered up to Skagit Valley Malting to be cleaned, malted and some made into flour.  The malted grains are currently at Valley House Brewery in Duvall to be made into beer.

The flour from the grain was delivered to the farm. We can’t wait to do things with this.  Stay tuned!

Skagit 1109 T85 Specialty Flour (info from Cairn Springs)


This is the first varietal released by The WSU Bread Lab. It consistently wins tastes tests and showcases the unique flavor that single varietal flours can offer. 1109 is a lower gluten flour so it is often blended with stronger flours when making hearth breads or pizza doughs. Higher ash content requires higher hydration.


PROTEIN: 10 – 11%

ASH: .80 – .90

MOISTURE: 11 – 13%

FALLING #: 340


Hearth breads, pan loaves, pancakes, Dutch babies, tortillas, flatbreads, pie crusts.

September Report

The turkey tractor moved to the harvested grain field so the turkeys could munch on the remaining grain left behind from the harvest.

August Report

On August 6th, we harvested the winter barley and wheat!

Here’s a video of the harvest

Image may contain: food

Early July grain report…

The spring grain is headed out and is looking healthy on an early misty morning in early July.

The winter grains are turning golden!

May 16: A conversation about locally grown grains.  30 guests including bakers, farmers, distillers, educators and more shared time learning about growing grain with Bob Quinn author or Grain by Grain, Dr. Steve Jones from the Bread Lab, local farmers, and more.

King 5 came out for a story A Wheat Revolution is Growing in Western Washington.

May 14: The spring wheat and barley are up and growing well!  And the winter barley has heads! The winter wheat is also starting to head out.  Stay away geese and elk!

May 7th: The spring wheat and barley are planted.

April 15th: The combine arrived!  Thanks Ryan at Steel Wheel Farm for delivering it safely! Nothing runs like a deer.

March 31st: The field is being plowed and prepared to plant two kinds of grain: Talisman Barley seed and Skagit 1109 Hard White Spring Wheat from the WSU Bread Lab.


A conversation about Locally Grown Grain

Thursday May 16th 1-3pm

Carnation Farms is pleased to host Grain By Grain authors Bob Quinn and Liz Carlisle for an event focused on bringing farmers, distillers and bakers together for a discussion about growing grain. Our guest authors will speak about their new book, Grain by Grain: A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs, and Healthy Food and their experiences growing grain in Montana.

Carnation Farms is currently working on a project to put 20 acres of underutilized farmland into grain production and provide a series of grain-focused classes and events in order to launch a thriving King County grain economy.

The Carnation Farms culinary team will provide grain-based snacks for event attendees.

Thanks to KCD for supporting this project.