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Our Mentorship Program

The entire team at Carnation Farms is passionate about providing education, hands-on experiences, and inspiration to the next generation of farmers, leaders, and participants in our agricultural community. The Mentorship in Sustainable Agriculture program is one of our most important mission-based programs; farmers from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels are invited to work through a full growing season while acquiring hands-on experience in all the generalized areas of farming. This program not only equips these individuals with the necessary comprehension of agricultural skills, economics, and techniques, but also involves introductory level learning of necessary trade skills, an overview of culinary growth mechanisms, and assistance with the various aspects of business development and planning. At completion, and having experienced a full season at Carnation Farms, our intent is that these participants are properly equipped with the necessary tools to become agents of positive change who can assist with growing the agricultural community. 

This full-time program begins April 5th, 2021, and will continue through November 30th, 2021, with additional opportunities available to motivated candidates for extension, support, and potentially continuation beyond the established timeline. The Mentorship in Sustainable Agriculture program provides a bi-weekly stipend to each participant and offers on-site housing, made possible by the revenue generated by Carnation Farms’ events and public programs, as well as through the generous donations of the public. The fieldwork accomplished by these participants, in return, serves to generate additional revenue through Farmer’s Markets, the Carnation Farms’ Farmstand, and other public and private sales channels.

For more about Mentorship’s educational programming which includes fieldwork, classroom education, and rotations, see Curriculum & Schedule.

Carnation Farms expects that after completing the Mentorship in Sustainable Agriculture, graduates will establish their own successful, sustainable food-producing farms or work in an aspect of the food system as a change agent in Western Washington and beyond.

Thank you for your interest in Carnation Farms’ Mentorship in Sustainable Agriculture! For more information about the program and an application form, go to Apply to Growing Farmers.