Meet Our Farmers in training…

Anne grew up in California’s Salinas Valley, surrounded by lettuce and strawberry fields as far as one could see. Growing up in America’s salad bowl, she dreamt of a future as a farmer, but as she neared 18, she was driven by a call to duty (and maybe a little adventure). She joined the Army and reported to West Point to begin her service.  Last fall, Anne left the army to gain skills relevant to her next phase of life.  Anne’s plan is to grow bison and has already started a herd through an absentee owner program.  Her dream is to run a bison operation focused on raising quality meat and produce grown using sustainable, holistic practices that improve the land. Ultimately her and her wife want to grow their community as well through CSA, internships, job opportunities, and community support for beginning farmers and ranchers.

This will be Jillian’s third season farming.  Prior to farming, she was an AmeriCorp Vista member and has also worked as a mentor to youth about science, leadership, and outdoor education in a non-traditional classroom.  Her previous two farm experiences were on small-scale, intensively planted, organic vegetable farms that sold their produce at farmers markets and CSA’s.  Jillian has been interested in food systems and ag since college and hopes to gain enough experience to one day start her own producing farm that also provides educational opportunities to children and community members.  She envisions her future farm near a city where people can come and escape the hustle and bustle of the city at least for a short while. 

As the Farm Program Coordinator at Pike Place Market, Sidra ran the CSA program and the “Fresh Bucks to Go” partnership with King County. She built relationships with farmers, sourcing produce from them weekly, and packing and delivering bags to the CSA members and preschool families. Her farm experience includes apprenticing for two seasons at a small-scale produce farm in Illinois and was involved with every part. She built a low-tunnel greenhouse and started all plants for 22 raised beds at an Iowa homestead. In 2019 she was a workshare volunteer at Jubilee Farm once a week to stay connected to the soil.

Sidra’s goal is to start a small-scale, diversified produce and livestock farm west of the Cascades — a mix of veggies and herbs, eventually expanding into bees for honey, and goats or sheep, possibly for rotational grazing and/or milk production for body care products.

Previous years farmers…

Frankie participated in the Growing Farmers program in 2019.  They had previously worked on local farms so came into the program with some excellent hands-on experience.

They have now gone on to start their own farm, Lone Cloud Farm.  Lone Cloud Farm is a quarter acre vegetable farm based out of the Coast Salish land otherwise known as Carnation, Washington. Lone Cloud’s mission is to honor the three ethics of Permaculture through their work: Earth Care, People Care, and Equitable Share.  Frankie grows a wide diversity of delicious vegetables for their CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) program.

Susie participated in the Growing Farmers program in 2019.  She had previously done agricultural research and worked on farms on the east side of the USA and so came into the program with some really great practical experience.

After her international travel plans were cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19, Susie is back in Columbus Ohio, volunteering at the local food bank and helping on her friend’s farm. 

Alex spent summers working on her aunt’s farm in Oregon from the time she was 12 years old.

Quote: “I love animals and hard work. I like the rain and I love the sun. All my life I have dreamt of working on and with the land, even when I didn’t realize I was dreaming about it. I want to leave the world a better place than I found it, I would like to give the gift of wholesome life and sustenance to those in my community, I want to cultivate a community and revel in its success together! It’s very easy for me to get carried away with all of my dreams and the things I want for the world, I hope it fall on ears that have the same dreams and ambitions.”


Evan attended University in Illinois and has previous experience working on farms in Hawaii, California, and Oregon.

Quote: “To be able to apprentice at Carnation Farms would be a chance to learn the vegetable production and management skills I desire but also give back to the farming community and those who support it at the same time. In the future, I hope to operate a diversified livestock and plant production farm, which also acts as teaching facility for young and old alike. I believe that Carnation Farms will provide a strong foundation for which to base my own agriculture operation on, and think I can learn an enormous amount under the farmers and workers who make its heart beat.”



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