Fund a Farmer

Why are we growing new farmers?

Our community is in desperate need of a new generation of farmers invested in sustainable food production that provides for all of our citizen’s needs.

King County Farming Facts

  • Average age of a farmer is 57
  • Only 2% of a $6 billion King County food economy is spent of food produced in King County
  • 13% of adults and 22% of children live in food insecure households

How can you help?

With your help, we can grow the farmers necessary to feed our community in a sustainable fashion.

But it takes your support…
When you fund a Farmer in Training it pays for:

  • Training from our Sustainable Ag and Education teams.
  • Helping to subsidize on-farm housing for the duration of their training.
  • A bi weekly stipend to ensure a living scale of compensation.
  • Business and Marketing support in strategic plan development and execution.

It takes a lot to grow new farmers. Your tax-deductible donation will go directly to our Mentorship in Sustainable Agriculture program.

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