Yoga for me is an elixir for whatever ails you, a powerful and accessible tool for transformation and growth. A balm to sooth away the crunchy edges life creates.

I first came to yoga for physical reasons. Pregnant with my first child and harried technology executive, I was looking for a compliment to my already busy life and exercise practice. Yoga sounded like a beautiful thing to do for my body for those nine sacred months. What began as a physical journey quickly became something more. For me yoga gave me a place to connect with myself, to stop thinking and doing and simply be. To feel, check-in return.

I completed my first yoga teacher training in 2010 in Tulum Mexico, with Kentucky based Barefoot Yoga Works, and the gifted Sharon Tessandori. That first training was a powerful experience that set me on a path for personal and professional growth and development. I earned a second 200-hour certification for the amazing Tamsin Sheehy at The Shala, a magical studio in Cape Town, South African in October 2016. A lover of learning, I continue to study as much yoga as I can.

Today I teach yoga as part of my career and life coaching practice, and becoming a co-owner at the Yoga Garden has helped me weave yoga more deeply into all aspects of my career.

I love working with clients 1:1, leading group classes, and creating workshops focused on transformation and growth.  As a certified career and life coach, my passion is helping individuals and organization create the and best version of their lives.

My personal motto and tagline for my business: Make a Moment, Make a Day, Make a Life, shares my belief that life is made in the small moments. I look forward to sharing some with you at the Yoga Garden!