Many years of experience in technology, both in startups and enterprises. Have founded/cofounded a number of startups, as well as held roles at companies like Microsoft, AT&T and Reliant Energy.

I have worn many hats over time, and it’s not surprising to find me in a board meeting early in the morning, working with product teams throughout the day, and then debugging or deploying systems and infrastructure in the dark recesses of data centers at 3am the next morning.

My most recent efforts have had me focusing a lot of my time ramping up in the area of, and focusing on applying machine learning technologies and data science to the Cybersecurity problem space.

I’m a consummate inventor personality (ENTP) and spend a lot of time in my head visualizing and mapping technology trends, and trying to get ahead of the curves. I like to get things done, but am often the type to run with things and then ask for forgiveness afterwards.

I play a lot – skiing/ski patrol, working at a local fire department (parallel career), traveling, and building maker style projects, while also advising a number of startups and investment entities on both strategy and technology.

I abhor long commutes, and cannot wait for the day when cars drive themselves, the roads are safer, and I can either sleep – or read a good book.

Lastly – people fascinate me. One of my favorite words is ‘Sonder’ (, and I find it hard to stop conversations, sometimes to the frustration of people around me.