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Mentorship Application 2022

  • To apply for the Mentorship in Sustainable Farming at Carnation Farms, please answer the questions below. After completing the form, email your resume. The deadline is midnight on Friday, February 4, 2022. All fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled in order to submit this application.
  • Demographic Information

    We request optional demographic information on age, gender, and ethnicity to ensure that we are reaching applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds.
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  • Application Questions

    Your answers to the questions below help the Carnation Farms team understand your background and interest in the Mentorship in Sustainable Agriculture. For each question, your response should be between 50 and 300 words.
  • Farming requires a broad set of knowledge and skills. The list below includes some of the topics that mentees will learn at Carnation Farms. Please check the boxes of any areas in which you already have had experience. To select more than one choice hold down the control button on the keyboard while making your choices.
  • How did you hear about the Mentorship at Carnation Farms?
      • The Mentorship program begins April 4th and ends November 30th, 2022. Are you prepared to commit to the duration? If not, what prevents your full participation?
      • Personal Reference

        Please provide one personal reference.
      • Previous Employer

        Please provide information necessary for a reference check with a previous employer. Please include both the business and supervisor names.
        • Additional Reference

          Someone who can tell us about your interest in farming, such as a mentor, a member of a volunteer organization or board, another employer, or someone with whom you have a professional relationship.
        • Finally, this is a chance for you to shine! Please tell us anything else about yourself that would make you a fine apprentice. You could: tell us something you’re particularly proud of, make a video of yourself sharing your interest in farming, attach photos, provide a link to online media that you created, attach a report or poem, tell a story of an experience that convinced you to go into farming, or anything else. The sky is the limit!
        • Thank you for your interest in the Mentorship in Sustainable Agriculture at Carnation Farms. Please remember to email your resume.